The Best Hen Party Ideas from HenDoStars

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If you are looking to do a great party for your best friend, you will need lots of cheap hen do ideas and cheap hen party ideas and games in mind, so go ahead and make a list with all you need for the hen night and start planning it.

If your close friend or family member will soon be a bride, you may be the one in charge of planning the Hen Do. There are lots of great ideas for a hen night that will make the bride-to-be feel loved, appreciated and ready for her big day. Take the guest of honor’s personality and preferences into consideration when organizing the party, and everyone is sure to have a great time.

Dance-Themed Hen Parties

Take the girls out for a night of dancing that the bride-to-be won’t soon forget. You can arrange for the bridal party to take burlesque lessons, which can come in handy for the bride on honeymoon night.

Of course, you can also arrange to take a poll dancing or belly dancing class to get the bride even more excited about her wedding night. Or, you can schedule a salsa or waltz class so that the bride-to-be will be able to dance beautifully at her wedding reception.

Pampering Hen Weekends
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There’s a good chance that the bride-to-be needs some pampering before her wedding. Planning the big day can be stressful, so schedule a spa date to help her relax.

You can go to a resort where the guest of honor can get her hair and nails done, or get a facial and full-body massage. The celebration may even give the bride some ideas for how to look her best on her wedding day.

Make the spa-themed party even more memorable by arranging for the bridal party to take some classes. You can ask a skin specialist to come over and show everyone how to make facial masks, or meet with a fragrance specialist to learn how to make perfume. Or, you and the girls can get dolled up for a hen party photo shoot.

Food and Drinks
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If the bride-to-be is laid-back and prefers a conservative celebration, you can take her to one of the best restaurants in the city. Reserve a room in the back so that everyone can be comfortable, and she can spend time bonding with the bridal party. Or, you can have a slumber party-themed celebration and have the food catered.

Consider the bride’s interests when putting the party together so that the hen night games will be especially fun. Ask a mixologist to teach everyone how to make cocktails, or hire a personal chef to give you pointers on making chocolates or other types of desserts.

A refined get-together like a tea party or medieval banquet is another great excuse to dress up and celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Outdoor Hen Party Activities

Give the soon-to-be bride a thrill before the wedding by taking her to bungee jump or mountain climb. Or, you can play paintball or go on a nature hike. If the bride loves being by the water, have the hen party at the beach and take surfing lessons. These activities are fun and exciting, and they’re sure to give the bride a workout before the big day, which is even more assurance that she’ll look her absolute best at the wedding.


A Karaoke party is perfect if the bride-to-be is a huge fan of music. Going to a karaoke bar is a wonderful way to sing your favorite songs and show off your best dance moves. There are also nightclubs where you can sing or dance during open mic night. It’s a fun time with the girls that the bride-to-be will always remember fondly.

Keep in mind that the singing-themed party doesn’t necessarily have to take place at a restaurant or karaoke bar. You can make the night even more entertaining by renting a party bus and having your karaoke party there, or have a boat party where you can sing and dance all night.

Quirky Hen Do

The bride-to-be may not want a stereotypical night out on the town. If this is the case, go to the local roller disco or bowling alley for a fun and relaxed hen do games. Or, you can go to a comedy club or head to a drive-in movie.

If the guest of honor loves the great outdoors, a camping or “glamping” trip is ideal. Sleep under the stars, roast some marshmallows and bring along a guitar for a fun singalong.

Vintage Hen Party Activities

Hire a makeup artist who can make you and the rest of the bridal party look like vintage pin-up girls. Before the party, you can go on a shopping trip with those who are invited to the hen night to find vintage dresses that will look great in black and white pictures. A personal chef or mixologist can come to the party site to show you how to make vintage dinner party foods and cocktails.

A Great Gatsby-themed party is also a festive idea if the bride-to-be enjoys fashion and music from this era. Be sure to have a photo booth at the party to capture the memories, and make sure there’s a dance floor at the celebration so that you can practice moves from this time period.

These are just some of the creative ideas that you can use as inspiration to organize a hen weekend that is fun, exciting and meaningful. You can even put a scrapbook together for the soon-to-be bride in hard copy or virtual form, so she can look back on this celebration and remember how much her friends and family love her and wish her well in her marriage.