I’m A Hen Party Photographer ; An Insider Look

Polestars interviewed one of our lovely hen party photographers Haydy Squibb about what it’s like to work as a photographer at hen parties…


So you’re a freelance photographer, what sort of events do you work at?

rsz_16338332809_ab658170a2_bI tend to work mostly with parties, so 18th’s, 30th’s etc. Events where people want natural photos of people enjoying themselves but don’t want to have to take them themselves. I also, as you know, do hen parties! They are the most fun events as the hens are usually really game for a laugh and want you involved.




How is hen party photography different to other types of events?

rsz_1dsc_4522_2Hens are usually a lot more fun, especially when you’re doing a photoshoot with them. They’re there as they want you to take the photos of their day so they do as you say, work with you on suggestions, and often turn up with props to mess about with. Hen dos are a lot more laid back than normal events!




What’s the most common photo that every hen party wants to have taken?

rsz__dsc0184They always want a big group photo, and ones of just them and their bridesmaids. I’ve got used to this request now so I tend to do those photos first then we have time to get creative. I have now also started taking photos of the bride with each member of the hen do so it’s a nice keepsake. I recently went on a Hen Do and did the same photos there, but we also created a memory book for the bride so we each had photos to use for that. We also made a video, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish!




What’s the most shocking thing you have witnessed as a hen party photographer?
I can’t say I’ve witness anything shocking yet! All the events I’ve worked on have gone really well, apart from the odd person that enjoys their drink a little too much! Although, a fun, shocking thing, was when I was photographing my cousins wedding in Cyprus, she jumped into the pool in her wedding dress! We were all in shock but was great fun to watch!



What’s the funniest photo you can recall taking at a hen party?

rsz_img_3908The most recent hen do I photographed all turned up with Russell Brand masks as the groom is said to look like him! It was just really surreal seeing all of these Russell faces with dresses and playsuits on! Was a really fun way to end the photoshoot actually!




Do the hens ever have any outrageous demands when it comes to having their photo taken?
Most of the hens are really laid back and leave it to me to just snap away. Apart from asking for the odd photo layout or for photos of certain people they are really well behaved… I say that now… I’m probably going to get a really demanding bride next!


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Outside of event photography I run a blog called Squibb Vicious with my partner and spend a lot of out taking photos for that. I guess I just love being behind a camera!


Image credits in order:

Header image credit:

Ran Allen, on Flickr

Photoshoot Party

Polestars Photoshoot Party

Stròlic Furlàn on Flickr

Photoshoot Party photographed by Haydn Squibb

Eva Rinaldi, on Flickr

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